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Winkworth and HMO Services

Your end-to-end licensing and compliance solution

How can we help?

HMO Services helps landlords through the process of obtaining a property licence and ensuring their property is compliant. As legislation is developing quickly, it can be challenging to keep up with what is required and how best to approach HMO compliancy and property licensing.

Our team works closely with Winkworth, working with both the lettings and property management teams to ensure that the licensing journey is as smooth as possible for all persons involved.

Our experienced team is happy to help with any element of your property licensing process; or simply take the entire task off your hands. Our services include:

  • HMO design
  • Local authority compliance checks
  • Licence applications 
  • Consultancy
  • Licence holding 
  • Landlord certification 

If you think you may require a property licence, or want advice on how best to meet local and national guidelines get in touch today. 


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